Tarasola Pergolas

Designed and manufactured in Yorkshire the Lakeland range of retractable awnings are built to the highest standard and with a wide choice of fabrics, these awnings are designed to perfectly complement your home or business.

With 5 awnings to choose from, there’s a perfect Lakeland Patio Awning for everyone.


The Tarasola Technic is an elegant bioclimatic construction with a modernistic appearance and design.

Key Features

  • The most advanced model in our range
  • Solid aluminium frame
  • Automatic roof opening through the rotation of aluminium louvres from an angle of 0° through to 135°.
  • Take control the amount of sunlight and ventilation, adapting the pergola roof to the angle of the sun.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, including winds up to 160 km/h and snow loads of 120-620 kg/m2 (depending on the dimensions of the structure).
  • All year round use Free home visit, survey and quote from our friendly AMO Pergola Experts.

Technic Pro

The latest in the range from Tarasola

Thanks to the introduced changes it is much more functional and visually attractive. The reduction of screw connections to a minimum gives the roof a modern character and makes it pleasing to the eye. A distinctive feature, which undoubtedly influences usability and design, is the integrated roller blind system inside the canopy frame. As a result, the structure has gained a minimalist, cubic form.

Moreover, thanks to the application of this solution, equipping the canopy with both screen and glazing roller blinds looks much more elegant, as it does not require the presence of a separate ZIP cassette protruding outside the construction. The water drainage system of the lamellas has also been modified for this model, with more advanced solutions to reduce the splashing of drops and their entry under the canopy.

It has been sealed so that the drained water is invisible to the eye, thanks to special surfaces that catch the drops in the slats. The introduced modifications significantly increase the comfort of use and make the roofing more resistant to changes in weather conditions. As a result, Tarasola Technic Pro is an almost year-round structure, whose assembly is easier than the current model – Tarasola Technic.


Tarasola Essential is a graceful modern roofing system with a solid construction.

Key Features

  • Light airy modern design requirements of the most demanding users
  • Aluminium bioclimatic pergola.
  • Rotation range from an angle of 0° through to 135°, to allow for sun exposure and air circulation control.
  • Option for sliding glass, roller blinds and LED strip lighting.
  • Additional accessory options available including infrared heaters and wind, rain and temperature sensors.
  • All year round use
  • Free home visit, survey and quote from our friendly AMO Pergola Experts.