Lakeland Vertical Awnings

Maximum visual and thermal performance

Thanks to its micro-ventilation system, our Vertical Awning helps to regulate the heating effects of the sun. Helping to reduce the use of air-conditioning, in tern reducing the energy expenditure of the building.

Transparency without glare

A large choice of colors to increase technical and aesthetic solutions. Choose the appropriate light transmission coefficient (TV), to conserve visibility toward the outside, to ensure privacy for inhabitants.

Creation of color universe

This lateral cover guidance system without a gap between the awning / blind cover and the guide track: guarantees a more attractive overall appearance and better wind stability.

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Designed and manufactured in Yorkshire the Lakeland range of vertical patio awnings are suitable for a variety of applications. Built to the highest standard and with a wide choice of fabrics, these awnings are designed to perfectly complement your home or business.

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High quality innovative products and a very high standard of service for demanding customers – that is what Weinor stands for. While many competitors speak of quality, Weinor patio awnings provides it, and they do so with conviction and passion.

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Every single Markilux patio awning combines design, quality and technology to create a unique solution – fitting for your needs. Markilux awnings are as unique as you wish. More than 45 awnings with over 250 timeless fabrics.

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