Options & Accessories

Options and Accessories

Enhance your sectional garage door with our range of additional features.

RTS Wall-mounted Transmitter

RTS wall-mounted transmitter The three-channel transmitter lets you control both your drive units and radio receivers thanks to radio communication, they can be installed in various locations

External Radio Receiver

The external radio receiver lets you control the drive units using the Pulsar transmitter. It is a two channel device where you can program as many as 16 transmitters.

Mechanical Carriage Lock

The mechanical carriage lock is an additional safeguard which increases garage door safety when mounted to the carriage.


RTS wall-mounted transmitter Garage ventilation feature is enabled by tilting the top panel without the need to lift the door. The bottom panel remains seated against the floor.

Safety Photocells

Photocells prevent uncontrolled door leaf movement when an obstacle is present within the clear passage.

External Keypad

External code keypad – this single-channel device can be used to control the garage door with a code. For outdoor installation, requires cabling.

Handle Collection

RAL 9006

RAL 1036

RAL 1035

RAL 7048

RAL 9016

RAL 9005

RAL 8014