Roller Garage Doors

Lakeland Roller Garage Doors

The right garage door for you and your home.

The perfect fit: Our doors are made to measure, so there’s no compromise on weather protection, insulation or security.

Lakeland Classic & Lakeland Compact: We offer a choice of two types of door with 55 mm or 77 mm lath – designed to work perfectly in garages with headroom from 205 mm to 300 mm.

Peace of mind warranties: Because we use only the finest materials in our doors, they come with a full warranty – so you can rest easy.


A range of finishes to suit you and your home

All our doors come in a variety of finishes to perfectly reflect the character of your home. Lakeland offers a wide range of low maintenance colours, including textured woodgrain finishes that match the latest generation of UPVC windows and doors.

Insulated laths form a curtain designed to a higher specification, which means our doors help to increase energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

Our space saving design eliminates intrusion into overhead storage space in your garage – and allows you to park right up to the door – unlike conventional up and over doors.

Which door is right for you?

Choosing the perfect fit for your home.

Lakeland are one of the market leaders in garage doors, and to maintain this position we constantly innovate our products to offer great garage doors to our customers.

Lakeland Garage Doors are designed to fit most garage openings. By having a choice of installation methods, along with the Classic and Compact lath, the smallest and largest of openings are catered for. For extra large openings, an oversized side guide is offered, along with a secure neoprene locking system. Great for exposed situations or where a heightened level of security is required.

Lakeland Classic

Classic doors, are manufactured from strong and durable twin walled aluminium lath, with a CFC free insulating foam. This 77 mm lath provides additional strength, rigidity and a high level of insulation and increases the security level as the door is very difficult to break into.

Ideal for larger garages, or where additional security may be necessary. Insulated lath and triple side seals provide for the ultimate in insulation and draft resistance.

Lakeland Garage Doors are available in a choice of 18 standard colours, including 5 painted wood-effect colours, as well as an additional 3 colours finished in a laminate wood-effect colour. These finishes are designed to complement exactly the finish offered by UPVC double glazing frames. As an option it is possible to have both guides and hood colour matched to the door curtain.

Each Lakeland Garage Door is supplied as standard with a remote control system, operated by hand transmitter with a built in safety edge sensor that will stop and reverse when an obstruction is met.

Lakeland Classic

Lakeland Classic

Lakeland Compact

Our compact doors, are designed to be installed in garages with restricted headroom. Manufactured from 55 mm deep lath, only 205 mm internal headroom is required for installation. Compact doors are available up to 2800 mm wide and 2200 mm high. Insulated lath, with side and bottom seals provide resistance to heat loss and drafts.