Weinor Fixed Patio Roofs

With an Deponti aluminium veranda, you’ll have a stylish extension of your house. In addition, aluminium is very solid, weather proof and requires little maintenance.

A Deponti veranda allows you to enjoy your extra outdoor space throughout the year, allowing to create the perfect housing and living comfort.

Terrazza Pure

The cubic glass patio roof

Terrazza Pure, the new glass patio roof from weinor, relies on a modern cubic style of roof combined with innovative design. Classic patio roofs are designed angled so that rainwater can drain off. With Terrazza Pure, the pitch is integrated into the frame construction and is therefore invisible from the outside. The result: clear, cubic design combined with reliable drainage – the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy lots of natural light on their patio and appreciates reliable, modern designed weather protection at the same time.

Product Highlights

  • Modern cubic design
  • Reliable drainage
  • Cosy al fresco lighting
  • A high-quality look

Terrazza Sempra

The timeless glass patio roof

With the Terrazza Sempra glass patio roof, you won’t be making any compromises in terms of quality and design! Weather protection expert weinor has been constantly improving the successful Terrazza brand for around 20 years. As a bestseller, it sets the highest standards. Terrazza Sempra is the impressive result of our many years of experience, which will help you enjoy alfresco living in your precious outdoor space almost all year round. The design impresses with timeless shapes and clear lines. Terrazza Sempra is an important design element and therefore adapts perfectly to your house’s architecture.

  • Quality engineering
  • Linear design
  • Modular system

Terrazza Originale

The classic glass patio roof

Terrazza Originale impresses with reliable weather protection and an elegant, classically rounded look with a typical roof pitch. The stable construction is extremely durable. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses. For anyone wanting additional protection from the front and sides, Terrazza Originale can be extended into a weatherproof Glasoase® using transparent glazing elements.

  • Attractive round design
  • Large spans without middle posts
  • LED/Design light bar