Smart Electric Blinds

Electric blinds are the first step to making life at home more convenient.

By adding a touch of connectivity, light and heat intensity are optimised at all times without having to think about it. ​Turn your roller blinds into electric smart blinds and enjoy the comfort that Somfy offers.

Suitable for a wide range of blinds types

Smart electric blinds can be used to power a wide variety of blind types including Roller, Venetian and Vertical blinds.

Control Options

Choose from 3 ways to control your electric blinds:

  • Dedicate smart control unit
  • Smartphone app
  • Voice assistant (Google/Alex)

Power Options

Electric blinds can be either battery or mains powered making them a versatile solution where direct power may not be available/convenient.


With electric blinds, you can choose either standard or made to measure. There are many versions to choose from i.e.: styles, colours and various light filtering options such as blackout, dimout and sheer.

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