Options and Accessories

Options and Accessories

Enhance your garage door with our range of additional features.

Remote control keypad

The remote control key pad is the way to operate your door securely without the remote control. With no need for wires, this simple keypad is weatherproof and durable – giving you convenient access with a secure code.

Low level external override kit

All Lakeland doors are provided with a manual hand winding mechanism in the event of a power failure. However if the garage door is the only means of access, then an external low level override or battery back up should be used.

Battery backup

All our doors come with a manual override as standard so that you can operate the door without power, but in addition you can choose the option of a battery operated backup as well.

This enables you to operate the door with the remote controls – even when the power is off.

Vision slats

Vision slats allow natural light into your garage. Available with or without glazing. On textured woodgrain doors vision slats will be supplied in a brown finish (Classic model only).

Full box

Full hoods are an option on all Lakeland Garage Doors to finish off the door perfectly. If a door is being externally face fitted then a full box should always be specified.

Important notes

By the nature of a roller doors operation, it is inevitable that the laths will roll against each other. Lakeland safe guard against this eventuality by,

  1. Lath being coated in PUR/PA* coating to reduce scuffs.
  2. Offer DepratTM or anti scuff locking device.
  3. Triple brush inserts in side guides to reduce rubbing on operation.

Whilst we don’t claim to eliminate all marks during operation we are confident that the steps taken will reduce them to less than our competitors.

Virtually maintenance free

Looking after your door couldn’t be easier, and with a little care and attention it will be virtually maintenance free.

Keeping the door clean by wiping the curtain with a damp cloth and mild detergent every so often will keep it looking great – and also help prevent damage to the surface. In a salt air environment this should be done monthly – but otherwise just if the door looks dirty.

Scratches can be touched up like a car to avoid rust, and touch-up paint is available from your distributor, but the motor and curtain are designed to be maintenance free and require no additional lubrication in normal use.

Somfy Control Systems

Your Lakeland Roller Garage Door will be supplied with two Keygo remote controls as standard, with the option to upgrade at any time! Take a look at the Somfy features below.

The Keygo Remote

Somfy Keygo remoteThe Keygo is a four channel keyring remote control. The compact design makes it ideal to keep in your pocket or bag. This is a multi-access solution as you can operate all your Somfy solutions from one place.

Rollixo Control Unit

Rollixo Control UnitCE compliant with built in anti- entrapment and magnet as standard plus multiple safety features.

7 Reasons to make Somfy® your first choice

When you choose the Rollixo RTS from Somfy® to power your roller garage door, you’re choosing a product backed by decades of technical expertise and development. We create home automation systems that are quick, easy and hassle-free to install and extremely easy to use.

  1. Safety First: Our Rollixo RTS controller works with a device to stop the door rolling down if it detects someone or something in the way. Our system stops the door operating if it comes into contact with any object.
  2. Quality without question: Our Rollixo RTS roller garage door control system is backed by unrivalled expertise and over 50 years of being at the forefront of home automation technology.
  3. Security: Available with a built in Burglar Alarm you can feel safe and secure.
  4. Keeping your garage secure: With no visible locks or door handles, roller garage doors are very secure.
  5. Reliable: All Somfy products comply with European safety standards and Somfy offer a manufacturer’s 5-year peace of mind warranty.
  6. Pack your bags: The Holiday Mode function enables you to simulate occupancy of the house whilst your away, with the aim of deterring intruders.
  7. Living with Rollixo: Never again will you have to stand around in the dark or the rain trying to open the garage doors. In fact you won’t have to leave your car or your home to open them – a quick click of the remote control will do the job for you.

Here’s how it works:

The brains behind the system is the Rollixo RTS controller. The controller fixes to your garage wall and is wired to the Somfy® motor, which then connects by plug or lead to your mains electric. The Radio Technology Somfy® controller receives its instructions via radio waves from any of the Somfy® range. Our system includes two Keygo fobs for you to take out and about with you. It really is as simple as that.