Weinor Conservatory Awnings

Discover the range of weinor patio awnings and weinor awning solutions for your home, garden or business.

As an owner of a home, you will know the importance of making the most of your investments when adding value to your home. Weinor awnings have been in business for over fifty years, during this time weinor have been helping people just like yourself make the most out of their budget, with an entire range of awnings for homes and businesses.



Sottezza Conservatory Awning

Sottezza II

Under-mounted conservatory awnings with flair

Enjoy relaxing times under your patio roof – this is the promise that is kept by your Sottezza II. The decorative inside shadowing is elegant, sleek and understated – and suitable for almost every patio roof. The Sottezza II quite simply invites you to relax. And that’s what you’ll be able to do. That’s because this awning reduces the development of heat under the glass and provides for feel-good temperatures – also in the summer. In the cooler seasons, the warming solar rays are used to heat up your patio area. At the same time, the Sottezza II also provides effective glare protection.

WGM Conservatory Awning


The over-roof conservatory awning

The over roof conservatory awning provides a pleasantly shaded place on your patio or in your conservatory where you will enjoy relaxing even on extremely sunny days. The over roof conservatory awning can be combined with almost any untrussed roof virtually regardless of the structural conditions and is therefore a real enrichment for your haven of well-being.