In addition to effectively deflecting solar energy, the SolidScreen also offers visual comfort by admitting diffuse light, without blocking the outside view. The system is successfully tested on wind loads of up to 145 km/h, and has achieved the highest rating in both durability and wind load tests performed by TÜV. The SolidScreen is therefore highly suitable for use at considerable heights. Several versions of this versatile screen have been developed.

The SolidScreen is made of durable materials and is extra solid due to, for example, double bearing in various bearing bungs and an additional special headbox support to wide dimensions. There are also special rollers available with a recessed fabric groove, which significantly reduces the marks while rolling up of the screen fabric.

All SolidScreens have mounting plates, which allow the top roller to be slid in and out of the headbox, and various side guides provide the ability to fully carry the engine cable out of sight.

Key features


We can offer you various types of operating systems. In fact, the SolidScreen can be operated using a wall-mounted switch, remote control unit or even an app installed on your smartphone or tablet.


A range of several standard colours is always available in stock. This enables us to ensure swift delivery. And we can usually also cater to your own particular preference in this regard, as the SolidScreen can be supplied in practically any RAL colour.


The headbox is the most conspicuous part of the system attached to the façade, when the SolidScreen is opened. You therefore have the choice of a wide range of headbox shapes and dimensions.

Side guides

The SolidScreen offers many of its unique functions due to the side guide, equipped with zip-guided technology. The screen closes fully.

Screen fabric

The screen fabric determines both the appearance of the SolidScreen and the ambience it creates. You have a choice of no fewer than forty Tibelly Sergé and eight Tibelly (highly light-reducing) ecole1% fabric colours. Hence something to suit every taste.

Bottom slats

The bottom slat plays a crucial role. It keeps the screen fabric taut, while providing a tight seal at the base, in combination with a brush or rubber strip. Your local SolidScreen dealer would be pleased to assist you in choosing the most suitable of the various options available.

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