Servicing and Repair

Is your Awning in need of some TLC? AMO Home Solutions can help.

We not only manufacture and install Awnings but we can repair and recover too.

In need of a fix?

Whether it’s a replacement part or a damage repair; we’re on hand to get your product running smoothly again.

Call our Service Team on 01924 412666.

Awning Fabric Replacement

Should your awnings fabric be in need of replacing then this isnt a problem for us. All awnings are brought back to our unit where we strip down the awning and give it a clean down before replacing the cover with new.

If you need replacement motors or sensors then again this is not a problem. We use Somfy motors and sensors and controls and stock majority of these at our unit in West Yorkshire.

Whatever you need then just give us a call with your details and we will be happy to assist.

Awning Services

We highly recommend you have your awning serviced every 12 months.

Once your awning has been installed we will send over our aftercare package which helps with the Do’s and Don’t’s and how to keep your awning working and looking the best it can be.

Every 12 months we will send over an email reminding you its due for service so you don’t have to worry about remembering.

Why should I have my awning serviced?

  • We ensure your awning is running to its optimum operation.
  • Maintaining your awning can help to extend the awnings lifespan