Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Due to the compact nature of Aluminium Roller Shutters they are ideal for a larger range of applications from protecting domestic and commercial windows and doors to closing of a storage cupboard.

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Profiles are available in a foam filled profile in varying sizes of 44mm, 55mm or 77mm. Foam filled profiles are lightweight and ideal for low to medium rated security solutions.

If a higher level of security is required then a extruded aluminium profile can be used, solid profiles are available in 37mm & 77mm and are double extruded to add strength. Single skinned perforated profiles are available in two sizes of 37mm & 77mm, a punched single skinned profile is also available in 37mm & 77mm. Should additional security be required on the punched profiles then a polycarbonate insert can be used to fill the holes whilst not effecting the overall appearance.