Lakeland Altera Lourvered Canopy

The Altera, “the ultimate flexible outdoor space”.

The phrase perfectly sums up the essence of this versatile sunblind. Anyone who describes the Altera simply as a sunblind, however, fails to do it justice. This is a hybrid between a sunblind and a (free-standing) terrace roof.

A louvered canopy, unique in our range, which consists largely of aluminium components. Whereas awning fabric normally performs the task of excluding the sun’s rays, in this case it is the 125 degree rotating aluminium slats that offer considerable protection regardless of their position. In addition to excluding the sun’s rays, the Altera is also water-resistant when closed. Its integrated water drainage ensures that you can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind even during a heavy shower. Besides the standard model, the Altera can be equipped with all kinds of accessories that make your stay in your own garden even more pleasant. This brochure provides a rundown of all the options and possibilities available. Whether the weather is fair or foul, the Altera is the ultimate flexible outdoor space for you.

Optimal sun regulation, wherever you choose

The unique feature of the free-standing Altera: to create a shady and covered terrace in almost any circumstances imaginable. This perfectly reflects the essence and the underlying technology of the free-standing Altera. Do you want a sunblind terrace roof in the middle of your garden? On a roof terrace or perhaps in a courtyard? It can be done.


  • Hybrid sun protection
  • Very robust and durable
  • 125° Rotating slats
  • In addition to sun protection, also water-resistant
  • Expandable with LED lighting
  • Expandable with vertical sun protection (SolidScreen)
  • Available in Pure White and Anthracite grey textured finishes
  • 2 Elements, 1 system, multiple installation options

Options & Accessories

“Make your Altera the ultimate flexible outdoor space”


As lighting is the most versatile means of setting the mood in any space, LED lighting strips can also be incorporated in the Altera. These strips are installed in a profiled section fitted all around the interior of the Altera frame. The exceptional feature of this profiled section is that it contains not one but two LED strips. The strip facing the slats can be set to any RGB colour. The strip that illuminates the terrace emits a warm and diffuse light that can be adjusted in intensity to provide adequate lighting, even during the evening hours.


The Altera louvered canopy can also be extended by fitting the award- winning SolidScreen in any of its openings. This zip-guided vertical screen adequately fends off the low sun. However, this is not the only function it performs. At the touch of a button, you can create a shady, windproof place to enjoy the outdoors. The SolidScreen is fitted as standard with a high quality woven glass-fibre fabric manufactured by Tibelly. And you have a range of over 40 colours to choose from.

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