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Explore our range of retractable Awnings, canopies and Patio awnings from AMO Group are all bespoke and made to measure to ensure they meet your exact requirements. Garden awnings are available in different styles, colours and fabrics to suit you. Sun awnings are designed and used to protect people and property from the harmful UV rays from the sun, most patio awnings can be used during very light rain showers.

Manual patio awnings are opened and closed by using a detachable winding handle, this type of awning is ideal for when the shading of a patio area is required when sitting out or having a BBQ. An electric retractable awning has more benefits as it can be opened from inside the home with a remote control or wall switch, automatic sensors can also be used to assist with the operation.

Retractable patio awnings are a great addition to any garden, they provide a welcome retreat from the sun when outside. You can choose whether your patio awning is manually controlled or you can upgrade to an electric patio awning. All the awnings that AMO Group supply and install are bespoke and made to measure.

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