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Aluminium Roller Security Shutters

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The neat, unobtrusive appearance of an aluminium roller shutter makes them ideal for a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

They work with buildings where the aesthetic considerations are paramount: this makes the range of aluminium roller shutters we offer an impressive choice for doctor’s surgeries, schools and offices.

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Amo Aluminium Security Shutters

Steel Roller Security Shutter

Galvanised steel roller shutters are the strongest and most cost effective option, and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

Probably the most commonly used roller shutters today, they provide a high level of security and are used externally to protect windows and entrances to retail, commercial and industrial premises.
Where planning regulations are at a low level and visibility is not an issue, solid steel roller shutter are the obvious choice. In situations where a visible interior display is advantageous, but a high degree of protection is required, a punched lath roller shutter provides the solution.

Perforated steel roller shutters provide an alternative option whilst still offering a high level of protection. Aesthetically appealing to customers and planning authorities, their small perforations help provide a transparent effect with back lighting.

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Galvanised Steel Security Shutters

Steel roller shutters can be powder coated to match the aesthetics of the building. Plastisol coated curtains and boxes are also available to match the cladding of industrial buildings.

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