Wood vs Metal Pergolas: A guide to choosing the best Pergola for your outdoor space

When it comes to enhancing outdoor spaces, pergolas are a favoured choice among both homeowners and hospitality businesses alike. They offer not just shade and style but also a structural element that can define and transform any outdoor area. Whether you’re looking to create a cosy backyard retreat or a welcoming outdoor dining area for a restaurant, choosing the right pergola is crucial. 

This guide looks at various aspects to help you determine the most durable, wind-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing pergola for both commercial and residential settings.


Understanding Pergola Materials: Wood vs. Metal

The longevity of a pergola largely depends on the material it’s made from. The two most common materials are wood and metal, each with its own set of benefits and considerations.


Wood Pergolas:

Wooden pergolas are popular for their natural look and the warm, rustic charm they add to outdoor settings. They can be customised easily with paint or stains and blend seamlessly with garden landscapes. Common types of wood used include cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine.





Metal Pergolas:

tarasola technic pro louvered pergola

Tarasola Technic Pro louvered pergola

Metal pergolas, typically made from aluminium or steel, are gaining more popularity nowadays due to their durability and minimal maintenance requirements. They offer a modern look and can be engineered to withstand severe weather conditions, making them ideal for areas prone to high winds.






Which type of Pergola lasts the longest?

Considering durability and maintenance, metal pergolas generally outlast wooden ones, especially in harsh weather conditions. 

“Aluminium pergolas, for instance, can last decades without the need for significant upkeep, making them a wise investment for both commercial and domestic settings.”


morvelle bioclimatic louvered pergola

Morvelle bioclimatic louvered pergola

Can Pergolas withstand high winds?

To ensure a pergola can withstand high winds, the material and installation method are critical. Metal pergolas are particularly suited for windy environments. When installing any pergola, ensuring it is securely anchored to the ground is key. For commercial establishments like pubs and hotels, where safety cannot be compromised, investing in a professionally engineered metal pergola designed for high wind resistance is advisable.


Choosing the best Pergola for your needs

For Commercial Use:

Pergolas in commercial settings often need to accommodate larger groups and withstand frequent use. Durability, ease of maintenance, and the ability to customise size and design to fit specific spaces make metal pergolas especially suited for businesses like pubs, hotels, and other hospitality venues. The additional upfront cost is offset by the pergola’s longevity and lower long-term maintenance costs.


For Domestic use:

Homeowners might prefer wooden pergolas for their natural aesthetic and the ability to match traditional garden designs. However, for those seeking a modern look with less maintenance, a metal pergola might be a better option. The choice often depends on the specific needs of the space and your personal style preferences.


“At AMO Group, all our pergolas are made from high quality durable aluminium, making sure they stand the test of time no matter what the elements or environment”


Installation and maintenance

Proper installation is crucial for maximising the lifespan of a pergola, particularly in commercial settings where safety and durability are paramount. Both wood and metal pergolas should be treated or coated to protect against the elements and regular inspections should be conducted to ensure structural integrity.

Summing it all up

Choosing the right pergola comes down to balancing aesthetic desires with practical considerations like climate, maintenance, and use. For those in the hospitality industry, metal pergolas, especially aluminium pergolas, offer a compelling combination of style, durability, and ease of maintenance, making them an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor customer experiences. Homeowners have more flexibility but must consider their local climate and how much maintenance they are willing to undertake.

In either case, selecting the right pergola can transform an outdoor space into a stunning, functional area that invites relaxation and enjoyment year-round. Whether for a commercial venue or a residential garden, the right pergola stands as a testament to both style and substance.

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