Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Morvelle Glass Veranda

What the client desired

This client visited our showroom to explore pergola options, seeking a stylish and functional shelter for their outdoor space. The client found the idea of a glass veranda most appealing due to its aesthetic and functional advantages.

What we delivered

We provided detailed quotations for several options:

During the site survey, we discussed the benefits and features of each option in detail.

We recommended the Morvelle Glass Veranda as the best choice, highlighting its cost-effectiveness:

The client agreed, and we proceeded with the installation of the Morvelle Glass Veranda. Our team ensured a meticulous and efficient installation, meeting the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

The installed glass veranda enhanced the client’s outdoor space with a modern and elegant cover, providing both protection and aesthetic appeal. The client was pleased with the seamless integration and the cost savings achieved through our approach.

This veranda came with 12 months labour warranty and 10 years warranty on the morvelle product/parts.

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