5 Design Tips for Creating an Instagram-worthy Outdoor Space for Your Customers

So, you’re looking to jazz up your outdoor space and make it a magnet for the ‘gram?

Smart move my friend, smart move indeed. In the age of likes, shares, and #InstaMoments, having a space that’s as photogenic as it is comfortable can set your establishment apart from the crowd. Here are five tips to turn your garden, patio, or terrace into the backdrop of countless selfies and, more importantly, a place where memories are made…

1. Lighting: the mood maker


Ever noticed how everything looks better in the right light? It’s not just you; it’s science (or magic, depending on whom you ask). Soft, warm lighting can transform even the most ordinary space into a cosy haven. Think string lights twinkling above, lanterns dotting the tables, or even some strategically placed LEDs. It’s all about creating that perfect glow that makes everyone look and feel their best.

2. Seating: let’s get comfy


Nobody ever Instagrammed a rickety chair or a wobbly table. Your seating needs to be as comfortable as it is photogenic. Opt for pieces that add character and charm – vintage finds, bold colours, or even chic, minimalist designs. Throw in some plush cushions and soft throws, and you’ve got yourself a space that screams ‘sit here and relax (and maybe take a photo or two).’

3. Greenery: a little nature goes a long way


Plants are the unsung heroes of the indoor and outdoor space.

They add life, colour, and a touch of whimsy. Plus, they’re great for creating natural, soft backdrops that make any photo pop. From towering palms to delicate hanging baskets, greenery is your best friend. And the best part? They look good in any weather.

4. Personal touch: the small details matter


What makes a space truly Instagrammable isn’t just its looks; it’s its personality. Personal touches – a quirky sign here, a hand-painted mural there, an eclectic mix of pottery – can add layers of interest and invite people to explore (and share) every nook and cranny. Think of your space as a treasure trove of photo ops waiting to be discovered.

5. Flexibility: change is a good thing

The weather likes to keep us on our toes, doesn’t it? One minute it’s sunshine and ice creams, and the next, it’s brollies and wellies. That’s why having a space that can adapt is key. Retractable awnings for those surprise scorchers, movable heaters for when the chill sets in, and furniture that can do a quick two-step shuffle will ensure your outdoor area is always in step with the ever-changing weather.


“Changing things up now and then keeps your regulars intrigued and gives them something new to ‘gram each time they visit”

– Rachael Hudson, Director, AMO group

Wrapping it all up

Creating an Instagram-worthy outdoor space isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making memorable experiences for your customers to feel like they’re part of something special. It’s about giving them a reason to come back!




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