3 Ways Awnings & Pergolas Can Turn Your Outdoor Spaces into Customer Magnets

Pull up a chair and let’s have a natter about the humble awning and the stately pergola.

These folks might seem like they’re just loafing about outside your establishment, but they’re quietly pulling in the punters and making your outdoor space the place to be, come rain or shine (because, let’s face it, we get a fair bit of both here!)

Awnings & Pergolas: your secret weapon in the Great British dine-out

We all know the weather here can throw a wobbly faster than you can say “last orders.” But with a trusty awning or pergola, you’re not just providing a bit of shade or shelter; you’re signing a peace treaty with Mother Nature herself. They ensure that a sudden downpour or a surprise scorcher doesn’t send your customers scattering.



According to research by AllianceOnline, 79% of UK diners said they’d be willing to spend more time and money in a restaurant or bar if they incorporated outdoor dining. So with people keener than ever to eat al fresco, with your smart setup you can ensure they’re snug as a bug regardless of the weather!

Let’s talk about curb appeal

An awning or pergola doesn’t just sit pretty; it’s like putting your best foot forward, style-wise. It says, “We care about the details,” and that’s something your customers will appreciate. Plus, in a sea of ‘samey-samey’ exteriors, yours will stand out. And in the age of social media, a striking outdoor area isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential for those all-important Insta-snaps. Suddenly, your spot isn’t just a place to grab a bite… it’s a destination. No, THE destination!


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Four seasons (in one day!)

Now, versatility – that’s a word that gets bandied about a lot, but when it comes to British weather, it’s non-negotiable. Awnings and pergolas aren’t just fair-weather friends; they’ve got you covered year-round. With retractable and adjustable options, you can adapt faster than you can say “changeable skies.” It’s this kind of flexibility that turns a summer hotspot into a cosy winter retreat, effectively giving you more bang for your buck.


The last word

So there you have it. Awnings and pergolas might seem like the quiet types, but give them a chance, and they’ll do the talking for you, making your outdoor space the toast of the town. They’re not just about keeping the elements at bay; they’re about creating a vibe, a look, and an experience that’ll have ’em queuing up for a table. In the grand theatre of hospitality, these features are your unsung heroes, setting the stage for a show that goes on, no matter what the weather has up its sleeve.


Let’s make your outdoor space a year-round hit, shall we?

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