Aluminium Louvered Pergola in Harrogate

15th Sep 2016

AMO Group has recently created the ideal outdoor living area at a property in Harrogate, West Yorkshire. The aluminium louvered roof system measures 5000mm wide and 2500mm deep and provides an open or enclosed outdoor seating area.

Our louvered roof system is very similar to a traditional timber pergola, with the added advantage of rotating louvers. The roof system provides an automated canopy that will provide shading from the sun as well as protection from the rain.

The louvered roof is manufactured from powder coated extruded aluminium so requires a lot less maintenance than a timber pergola or veranda. A timber pergola will require staining or painting annually to keep it in pristine condition where as our patio roof system only requires a quick clean with soapy water once it begins to look dirty.

When the louvres on the patio roof system are in the closed position, they create a canopy that is fully waterproof. The rain water is diverted to ground level by an integrated guttering system in the verandas legs; this clever system ensures that the patio and area underneath the roof is kept dry.

LED lights and heaters are available to accessorise your louvered patio roof system enabling you to utilise your garden and patio area 365 days of the year. The roof system can also have roll up side screens incorporated or retrofitted at a later date.

The roofs louvers are controlled by a remote control hand transmitter making its operation effortless. Should you have any accessories installed to your patio canopy, then these too can also be controlled by the same system.

Large areas can be covered by joining the louvered patio roof systems together making them ideal for the back garden, a pub patio area as a smoking shelter or to create additional outdoor seating for restaurants.

Whatever your requirements, the louvered roof system by Brustor will be able to offer a solution.

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